Comments For Report Cards Kindergarten - (2023)

Quick Card Comments To Use In Kindergarten

EP 53: Teacher’s Tips For Writing Report Card Comments

Writing report card comments can be stressful, and leave you feeling mentally exhausted. But, Im here to help you keep a positive attitude, and get through the school year, and report card time, with less stress.

Did you know report card comments are sometimes the only part parents read to summarize their childs progress? For that sake, your original comments need to be well-written, show the strengths of the student, clearly communicate if the child is having a tough time, and offer a list of ideas to practice at home.

Below are some sample comments as a starting point to write perfect comments. Youll also find a Kindergarten Report Card Writing product throughout to help you write comments with little effort.

Good Attention To Detail

  • Pays close attention to the details of a tasks so that she doesnt miss anything.
  • Is very systematic about going about her tasks so she can complete them thoroughly.
  • Is great at identifying small and nuanced mistakes in her own work.
  • Always creates very presentable and professional looking pieces of work.
  • Needs Improvement Report Card Comments

    The following statements are used to communicate when a child is having a hard time during class discussions, group work, reading skills, and/or basic math facts.

    • continuing to work on understanding boundaries, getting along with others, and putting more effort into work.
    • having a difficult time accepting redirection from adults
    • unexcused absences have greatly effected his/her grades.
    • respecting others personal space
    • needs frequent reminders to complete work in a timely manner.
    • needs extra time when learning new skills

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    What Characteristics To Discuss


    These statements should be prefaced with either your child or the childs name.

    • Is an eager learner who appears to relish his time at the centre.
    • Displays a positive attitude and perspective while being in attendance.
    • Seems to be refreshed and ready to participate in each days program activities.
    • Appears keen to be involved in all activities.
    • Displays initiative and always seems to be on the lookout for ways to be involved.
    • Can independently work through issues in an instinctive and positive way.
    • Always tries to improve their skills
    • Is committed to doing their best.
    • Looks for and welcomes new challenges.
    • Takes ownership of their learning.


    Again, these comments should be prefaced with the childs name or your child.

    • Is consistently cooperative with their peers and all educational staff.
    • Can easily transition between set activities without being distracted.
    • Is well mannered and always behaves in a courteous manner
    • Observes all room rules.
    • Behaves and responds maturely within their environment.
    • Responds in an appropriate way when correction is required.
    • Has an ability to keep their focus on the current activity.
    • Is not easily distracted by what others are doing..
    • Has a kind and helpful nature that is extended to all.
    • Has become a role model for cooperation and excellent behaviour.


    The following guideline character report card comments should be personalised as appropriate.

    Interactions with others


    End of Year Report Comments

    What About Specific Expectations

    Comments For Report Cards Kindergarten - (1)

    At this time our tool focusses on the overall expectations for each of the four frames and not the specific expectations that are found under each overall expectations. However, we have added a really neat feature that allows you to add examples of a students progress very easily to the report. We suggest you use these examples to focus in on the specific expectation youd like to highlight for your report.

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    Tips For Drafting Preschool Assessments

    These tips for drafting preschool assessment comments are real-time savers:

  • Set a timer for fifteen minutes and write two or three assessment report remarks within that period. Tell yourself you just have 15 minutes to complete it. Youll be more productive and efficient.
  • Break down the large process of drafting a report into smaller segments. Consider starting with your broad observations. Break out your general assessment report remarks into two or three parts every day.
  • Begin with the most difficult assignment. Its surprising how empowering and inspiring it is to know that youve finished the part you were most dreading.
  • Make positive self-talk a habit. Tell yourself that youve got this!
  • When youre having trouble expressing yourself, comment banks are a great place to start.
  • Weak Organization And Time Management

  • Tends to leave tasks to the last minute.
  • Often submits incomplete drafts due to poor time management.
  • Is often disorganized and forgets important school supplies.
  • Has submitted homework late on several occasions.
  • Could work on using her time more efficiently to complete tasks in allotted time periods.
  • I would like to see her working on her organizational skills in coming months so she can use her class time more efficiently.
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    Esl Report Card Comments

    As a teacher you want to see all your students succeed. One way to encourage or instruct them is through report card comments. For ESL teachers, these comments will focus on reading, writing, and grammar.

    (Video) First Sentences for Toddlers | Learn to Talk | Toddler Speech Delay | Speech Practice Video English

    In order for ESL report card comments to be helpful, they will need to be specific, instructive, and concise.

    As much as possible, you will want to write comments in a positive, affirmative tone, particularly when addressing areas that might need improvement.

    You can also use report card comments to help set goals or milestones for the students.

    Below we have compiled a list of 120 ESL report card comments to help you communicate with your students and guide them to English language proficiency.

    % What Does That Mean

    CGCSC Kindergarten Report Card Explainer

    Simply put, this tool will do 80% of the work for you. It will:

    • Create organic-reading, full sentences that describe key, growth and next steps learning objectives.
    • Allow you to customize the report for each term with the overall expectations that you want to focus on.
    • Customize the report with examples and anecdotes of your choosing.

    Once generated you are still going to have to make it your own thats where the 20% of the work comes in. Personalization and adding your own finishing touches will take your report to the next level all the while saving you a lot of time.

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    Kindergarten General Report Card Comments

    1. __________ is still unable to count beyond 20. As that is a primary standard, we will need to work with your child more closely to ensure that he/she masters these skills. You can help him/her to master this skill by incorporating math into your playtime at home, and have him/her count larger quantities of fun items such as small snack foods or cards.

    2. Your child is confusing the terms “beside”, “between”, and “below”. You can help him/her to understand this concept using stuffed toys, and placing them according to the positional word that you want to demonstrate. Books that focus on position could also be helpful.

    3. ________ is showing great progress in math. He/she is starting to understand time related terminology, and is finally able to really tell time! Way to go!

    4.He/she finds it hard to differentiate between a circle and a triangle. Have your child identify shapes in your travels and play shape drawing and counting games that focus on those two shapes. We should see improvement with practice.

    Kindergarten – Language Arts Comments

    1. Your child is doing a fantastic job recognizing “popcorn” or high frequency words. Use the popcorn cards that we sent home to continue to build on this skill, which will be a huge help in improving his/her reading skills.

    3. I am concerned that __________ is not able to fully write his/her last name. Have him/her practice writing and identifying each letter in the name until he/she can do it without assistance.

    (Video) Sight Words Level 1 - Preschool & Kindergarten Reading | Rock 'N Learn

    Positive Attitude To Learning

  • Comes to class every day ready and willing to learn.
  • Has an inquisitive and engaged mind.
  • Is excited to tackle her tasks every day.
  • Likes to come to school and learn with her friends.
  • Has a positive attitude to self-development.
  • Tends to come into the classroom with a big smile and an open mind.
  • Sets herself very high standards and strives to meet them each and every day.
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    What Teachers Are Saying

    With over 600 Five Star Reviews on Teachers Pay Teachers, you can see whey these report card comments are a must have for kindergarten. Many first grade teachers have also found these to be very helpful when writing their first quarter report cards.

    Heres what teachers are saying about this time-saving resource:

    Very helpful and saved me a lot of time! Thanks

    Great ideas! This was one of the best purchases Ive ever made!

    Huge help thank you!

    Loved these! Helped me sooooooo much!

    Very useful. I always need help writing remarks that are concise, helpful, but not harsh.

    Very helpful when creating comments.

    I had a bad bout of procrastination when it came to report writingthese helped me stay focused!

    Showcasing Students As Role Models:

    Comments For Report Cards Kindergarten - (2)

    Students who excel at helping out others deserve to have the skills mentioned in comments!

    • I appreciate that your child is a role model in the classroom.
    • Your student is kind and helpful to everyone in the classroom.
    • Your student relates well to classmates and is appreciative of different perspectives and experiences.
    • It is a joy teaching your student! I can always count on them to
    • Your child makes the classroom a brighter place. They often
    • Your students conduct is exemplary. They
    • Your student works well with classmates and often takes a leadership role.
    • Not only is your child a strong student, but they are also a wonderful human being.
    • Your student displays good citizenship by assisting other students.
    • Your child demonstrates responsibility daily by caring for the materials in our classroom carefully.
    • Your child is exceptionally organized and takes care of his/her things.
    • Your child is thoughtful and kind in his/her interactions with others.
    • Your student plans and carries out group activities carefully.
    • Your child is a very special student and one that I will never forget. I will miss them next year!

    While all of these comments can supplement the grades on a report card, you dont have to wait to use them. Sending notes home between progress reports and report cards with little comments like these can bolster the parent-teacher relationship. Write them in communication folders or on postcards for that extra school-home connection.

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    Tips For Awesome Report Card Comments

    When writing comments, you will want to craft your thoughts in a way that will grab the parents attention. Its a good idea to recognize their childs strengths while also give suggestions to help them improve.

    Here are tips for new teachers or veteran teachers to use when writing :

    (Video) Meet the Sight Words - Level 1 (FREE) | Preschool Prep Company

    • Always include a student name. This shows specific student progress.
    • Start with a positive note. Leave a very specific comment that highlights the great work done and positive qualities.
    • Put a positive spin on areas of weakness.
    • Give parents insight and suggestions for practicing at home.

    In short, positive report card comments include a strength, an area that needs improvement, and give suggestions to practice at home. It is our personal responsibility, as teachers, to put in the extra work, and give parents more than report card grades. The Kindergarten Report Card Comments is a helpful resource that will save you time writing a couple dozen report cards each grading period.

    Encouraging A Phone Call With Parents:

    There are some times when a child doesnt turn in any work to be assessed. This situation is exceptionally difficult to handle with report card comments and should probably be mentioned ahead of time. Write something positive about the childs personality while requesting a parent meeting or phone call. Some examples are:

    • Your student is always respectful, but I am concerned about their work. When can we meet?
    • Your child is inquisitive and engaged in class, but they have quite a bit of missing work. Please call me to discuss some strategies.
    • Your child has a wonderful sense of humor/is helpful/is kind but fails to turn in their assignments. Lets meet to come up with a plan to move forward.
    • Lets work on strategies that will help your student follow through on their assignments.

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    Ideas For Penguin Week In Your Kindergarten Classroom


    Ideas for penguin week in your kindergarten classroom. Graduation kindergarten editable certificates diplomas diploma preschool printable chalkboard moving certificate pre template teacherspayteachers prek ceremony end templates class decorations. 100 report card comments you can use now

    Many Of Our Readers Have Asked Where Our Sample Report Card Comments Come From Watch The Video Below To Find Out:

    Report card comments for primary .

    Here at Ontario Report Cards, we have put together a nice representative collection of Report Card Comments for teachers to use on their report cards. Please feel free to use these comments however you please. These comments were designed to demonstrate achievement across the board for each learning skill for the Ontario Report Card, so each phrase in the report card comment represents either an N,S,G or E mark.

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    Play Based Learning Needs Improvement

  • Plays in parallel with other children, but needs to start developing cooperative play strategies in the coming months.
  • Is good at solitary play, but needs more practice sharing and playing with other students.
  • Is curious about playing with others, but often sits back due to shyness.
  • Needs encouragement to use more language skills during play-based learning.
  • Struggles to take turns when playing with others.
  • The Magic Report Card Format

    If the child is doing well on the whole you have an easy task ahead! An easy-report card is the one everyone likes to make. Sadly, not all children are Newton and Picasso, and a teacher needs to mention certain areas that need improvement. This is where the magic format comes in handy

  • Start with a compliment. You may have to dig deep here, but be creative, while still being sincere and kind. Every kid has attributes we can praise, even the most challenging ones.
  • Then add a line or two about the kids challenges, and how he/she struggles in a certain area, and be sure to offer a solution or suggestions.
  • End with a positive tone. A compliment is a nice touch at any time of the year and for the Year-End report card. Remember that your report card shouldnt make life tough for the kids and the parents. Each parent like showing the report card of their kids to everyone. My best wishes for ____ school year or a great summer, or I am so happy to have been the _____ teacher this year, and so on.
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    Faqs About Preschool Report Card Comments

    Q 1. How do you write preschool comments for assessment reports?

    You highlight the students achievements and deficiencies in preschool comments for assessment reports and highlight what they are good at.

    Q 2. What are some positive preschool comments for assessment reports?

    Some positive preschool comments for assessment reports include: keep it up, youve done an excellent job, youre doing superbly, good luck!

    (Video) Learn to Talk with Ms Rachel | Baby Learning Videos | Toddler Speech | Christmas | First Words

    Q 3. How do you end preschool comments for assessment reports?

    You end preschool comments for assessment reports with positive affirmations and an encouraging remark or two.

    Q 4. How do you write a comment for a kindergarten student?

    You write positive comments for assessment reports, even if youre talking about the childs weak areas

    Tips For Report Card Comments

    Comments For Report Cards Kindergarten - (3)

    Before using the list below, its important to know that teacher comments should be accurate, specific, and personal. The comments below are structured to allow you to fill in the blank for a particular subject or behavior, and then expand the comment. Sometimes you might require an action like a meeting with the parent. Other times you may be encouraging the student to further accelerate their studies. Either way, these sample report card comments will establish the how that attaches to the what of any number or letter grade you are documenting.

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    Contact With Your Child’s Teacher

    Parents and guardians play an important part in your child’s education. Children do better at school when their parents are involved.

    Your childs teacher should contact you regularly throughout the school year. Besides report cards, other types of communication may include parent-teacher or parent-student-teacher conferences, interviews, phone calls, checklists and informal reports.

    Strong Organization And Time Management

  • Always arrives to class on time with her books and is ready to learn.
  • Is exceptionally good at completing tasks in a timely manner.
  • Is a natural organizer and is often seen helping to get her peers organized and ready for tasks.
  • Is always trusted to meet deadlines.
  • Uses color coding and headings in her books effectively to organize her notes.
  • Keeps a neat and organized work space at all times.
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    Writing Student Report Cards

    Whether youre a student teacher or a veteran teacher, writing report card comments for any grade level is time consuming. When teaching younger grade levels, such as Prek, kindergarten, and first grade, you will most likely be expected to write personalized comments to summarize each childs performance.

    Whereas, the upper elementary, middle school, and high school are a reflection of teachers choosing a select comment from a drop-down menu. While the drop-down menus and letter grades are easy, but they dont relay personal experiences, or specific examples of the students behavior and/or school work.

    As a parent, and a kindergarten teacher for 17 years, I learned a childs development is worth much more than a passing grade on recognizing numbers and letters. Dont get me wrong letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, number identification, and counting are the foundation of ones education. However, we cannot fail to inform parents on the social-emotional and work habits that these little ones are developing.

    How Can Text Blaze Help

    Report Card Comments: Elementary Learning Skills & Work Habits

    You can use Text Blaze to help you make writing report card comments much easier. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to type frequently used comments into report cards online. Form fields and dynamic content help you create templates that you can use for any of your classes or grading periods.

    (Video) Learning good habits for kids | Good manners with KidloLand | Stories for kids

    Heres a video by Technology for Teachers and Students that overviews how Text Blaze helps teachers and students work harder.

    Try it out

    • To customize these report card comments to your needs and then insert them anywhere with a keyboard shortcut, click on the “copy to Text Blaze” button.

    Check out our Teachers page for more templates you can use today!

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